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We take trade-ins

Time to upgrade?

                                                                                  Person trading in a bike

If you purchase one of our used bikes then decide to upgrade your ride within 30 days we will credit your full purchase toward the cost of a new bike.  In order to get full credit the bike must be in the same condition it was when it was purchased.  Any damage, whether functional or aesthetic, will lower the trade in value accordingly.

We also take trade-ins on bikes purchased elsewhere.  If you're ready to upgrade from what you've been riding bring your bike in for a free quote toward an upgrade.  We'll take just a few minutes to perform a 'no obligation' evaluation of the bike.  We check the quality, condition, and age of the bike to determine the trade in value. 

Just need a temporary bike? During the first 6 months we will buy back used bikes purchased from us for half the purchase price less the amount assessed for any cleaning, repairs, or adjustments needed to return the bike to original condition.  This option meets the needs of folks who are in the area for a short time and want to get around town or explore the beautiful Longleaf Trace bike trail.