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Woman helping man with a test ride

Take A Test Ride Today

For your safety and enjoyment, we have a 1/10 mile test track just across  from the store, which allows you to test ride our bikes until you find the perfect choice.  Here someone from the store can show you the new or unusual features of the bicycle you are trying, away from the bustle of the store.


While you're welcome to test ride our bicycles in street clothes, we recommend wearing athletic or rubber-soled shoes so that you'll be able to pedal and get on and off each bicycle comfortably.

Employee showing recumbent rider some bike features

Bring Your Gear

For test riding sport bikes such as road and off-road models for training, racing or long-distance riding, feel free to wear your full-on riding gear, shorts, jersey and shoes (you can suit up in our dressing room). This is the best way to compare new machines because it's what you're used to when you're riding your current bike.

If you use a certain pedal/shoe system, you can bring your pedals, too, and we'll install them on the bike so you'll be able to ride what you're used to.

Happy recumbent rider

Bring Your Old Bike

As a suggestion, if you're considering a new bike to replace Old Faithful, bring it in and ride it first so you can feel the difference between the old and new bikes. This back-to-back test is a great way to judge the improvement new technology makes.

Our Requirements
In order to test ride a bicycle, you must be at least 18 years of age or come into the store with your legal parent or guardian