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Used bikes

Row of Used Bikes

We have bikes as early as the 1950's up to more current models.   

Layaway is an option on all new and used bikes.  See layaway terms for more information.

We offer a wide variety of used bikes. All used bikes come fully tuned up and come with a six month warranty. We offer three levels of used bikes:


1.) The $75 to $150 economy bike; This is for the person who wants a temporary bike that is budget friendly. These bikes are usually pretty basic and will get you from point A to point B.

2.) The better quality used bike; These bikes are higher end shop quality brands. These are usually the bikes you will see in our showroom, but since they are used and sometimes a few years old, most are approximately half of their original price. These bikes will be a long term investment. They will ride more comfortably and be more reliable than the economy bike.

3.) The one of a kind classic completely restored section; We have a wide selection of vintage bikes from the 1960's and up. These bikes have been completely restored, and are ready to ride.


Row of used bikes indoors



We will do a quick size check on each bike to be sure it will be a safe and comfortable fit.  Then we will escort you to our test track for additional sizing if needed.  This will allow you to get a true feel of the bike before you decide to purchase it.