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Workbench full of bike repair tools

Our Service Department

Yes, we work on bikes...all bikes ... bikes from bike shops ... bikes from Walmart ... $10 garage sale bikes to $10,000+ bikes...bikes with 2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4 wheels, 1 wheel, and the occasional 0 wheel bike that arrives after having been placed, maliciously, behind the waiting tires of your car.

Here's how it works; Bring the bike(s) in and any one of our employees will spend about 5 minutes looking over everything on the bike to give you a free comprehensive list of what the bike needs. From there we can help you decide whether you want all of it done or just part of it done to suit your budget.  We will help you set priorities but we will not compromise on safety.

Occasionally the cost of a repair may exceed the cost of the bike new; we'll tell you that. We'll still gladly do the work on it if you would like for us to, but we would require a deposit equal to the cost of the labor at the time of the evaluation.

Unless we have to order parts, our normal turn around on repairs is 48 hours.